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Projects & Clients


Throughout our years of experience in Gaming System Evaluations, we have tested and certified a wide range of games and platforms for customers worldwide. Here is a list of evaluations we typically perform:

• Casino games – Slots, Video poker, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, Dice, Scratch card etc
• Multiplayer games – Poker, Backgammon and Bingo games
• Mobile games – Browser and download clients
• Sports betting – Sports betting systems
• Pari-mutuel betting – Pari-mutuel systems
• RNG testing – includes pseudo (software) and hardware random number generators
• RTPoutput audits for real money games (usually conducted monthly)
• RNG** output audits for real money games (usually conducted monthly)
• Maths evaluation – Theoretical RTP calculations for games
• Miscellaneous games – Soccer games, financial market games etc.
• Platforms – Customer registration & accounts, privacy, player protection, security
• Fantasy Sports – Daily Fantasy Sports platform & systems

* RTP – Return To Player audit is the actual percentage of [money won] to [money played]. Players often choose to play based on this audited statistic.

** RNG – Random Number Generator is a software program or hardware device that generates numbers used for generating random game outcomes. An RNG audit verifies the actual scaled/shuffled numbers used in the games are random. Most commonly used in card and dice games, particularly peer-to-peer games where randomness allows a player’s skill to determine the long term game outcome.


Our clients include some of the largest in the online gaming industry from around the world. Please find below a recent list of our clients: